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8 Eye Makeup tips for Beginners

Your makeup will look perfect and awesome only when your eye makeup is complete! Your smile looks good on its own and there is no extra work there. But, your eyes express everything. So let’s check out how we can enhance your pretty eyes more.

Owning all the eye makeup products isn’t enough until and unless you know how to do your makeup in the right way. So, let’s check out a few of the best eye makeup tips.


This step is not something for which you’ll have to go out of your way, you can easily cleanse your eyes and eyelids while washing your face. Make sure you don’t apply face wash like you generally would on your face. Just cleanse through with clean running water thoroughly. This eye makeup tip will ensure that your eyes are completely clean and ready for makeup.

Moisturise & Prime

Like your skin, even your eyes need moisturizing and priming. This is one of the most important eye makeup tips for beginners because if you don’t moisturize your eyes and eyelids, they will turn dry and make your makeup look all patchy. So make sure you use a good eye cream under your eyes and on your lids. Gently tap and avoid massaging too hard.

Use a Concealer

Always use a concealer before beginning your eye makeup so that the colours of your eye shadow pop more. Use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your usual concealer. It should create a whitish-looking base because this will make your eye shadow colours look as vibrant as it looks on the palette. Your concealer will also make your eye makeup last longer and will keep it in place for as long as you want.

Start with a Base Colour

You can begin by applying a base colour like a nude shade using a fluffy brush. For example, if you are wearing a pink and a silver outfit then pick a light pink shade from your palette and apply it all over your lid like a base. This is one of the most basic eye makeup tips that you need to follow.

Use a Darker Tone for Shadow

Here is your very own eye shadow tip – begin with a darker eye shadow and start by applying a little amount on the outer corner of your eyelids. Take something like a deep maroon or a dark brown. Next, take a fluffy brush and start blending it inwards and upwards. This will create a nice shadow and enhance your look. If you are dressing up for an outing or a party, then this much is enough if you complete it off with a kajal and eyeliner.

With the help of this eye shadow tip you can also create an easy smokey eye look. Instead of any other dark shade, pick a grey shade and start blending around your outer corner. Next step is to take your kohl kajal and roughly stroke it like a liner and then blend it. It might look dark and blackish initially, but trust the process and keep blending. In this way you can achieve the most perfect smokey eyes.

Use a Shimmer for Festive Occasions

This eye makeup tip is sure to change your entire eye makeup game. Take a shimmer shade from your eye shadow palette with your finger and gently tap on the colour on the central area of your eyelid. Using your finger for shimmer shades is a great option because the warmth of the shimmer shade melts the shimmer particles and the application appears pigmented. Avoid using shimmer shades with brushes, because that will not give you the results that you are looking for.

Kajal & Eyeliner

Eye makeup tips for beginners are incomplete without these two products. Make sure you have your kajal and your eyeliner in your makeup vanity. Kajals are so versatile and tiny that they finish off really quickly. So you can always buy kajal online. Finish off your eye makeup by applying kajal on your lower water line as well as your upper water line. And complete your eye makeup by applying waterproof eyeliner on your eyelids. If you are a beginner then make sure you check out a few eyeliner tips and you’ll be good to go!

One easy eyeliner tip is to use a thread like a stencil to make your wings and then fill it up. This will give you flawless wings instantly.


The last step to add a little drama to your eye makeup game is by finishing off your eye makeup with some mascara. Your mascara not only enhances your entire eye makeup game but also makes your eyelashes look absolutely dreamy and fluttering which enhances your entire look. The best way to apply mascara is by applying one layer first and then using an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. Next, apply another layer of mascara to retain the curl and add volume.

And lastly, this is one of the best makeup tips for hooded eyes. When you are applying your eyeliner, apply it with open eyes and set your frame. Another cool makeup tip for hooded eyes is to use dark and light brown shades for a in depth look.

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