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We are a new fashion eye makeup blog and we’d love to feature your tips, tricks, DIYs, etc. on our blog. Please send us an email with your contact details, a list of past work, and also links to your social media pages (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter). is a team of writers who publish articles on Fashion beauty blogs. We are open to guest posts, but we would like you to stick to the topic. Send us your article, and we will check it out.

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We prefer an 800+ words well-researched article with references if you would like to submit a guest post for us, you have to pass Google, Copyscape, or Plagiarism Check and no spun content. Guest Post needs to be written in a creative manner than just a whole lot of SEO keywords. References must be from authorized informative websites like Healthline, and Wikipedia. Important: Please do not ask for a website backlink when you are writing for our website.

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For us,  it is extremely important to connect with the right contributor who can provide content that provides equal value to our readers.  Please no SPAM or GIVEAWAYS from your blog. All guest submissions must be in English and your blog stats must show that your site is being actively written and read by real people.

Guidelines for submitting a post (Write for Us)

You can also submit your content (text and images) in a form of a Word document (.doc or .docx) and send it to us for review. Such service is convenient if you don’t want to register on our blog, but still want to share your thoughts with us. You can contact us at [email protected], we will be happy to assist you!

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